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Book Review: The Quarantine Bears by Jay & Meg Sutherland


Who would have thought that a pandemic would allow a couple to write their very first book?

I am so thankful that Jay and Meg reached out to me to read and review their new book, The Quarantine Bears, a rhyming children’s book. If you’ve been following me during this new journey of mine, I do read a picture book here and there but I have not reviewed any, yet. I could not pass up this opportunity with the current world crisis, so I am happily sharing about this new informative book. Enjoy!

eBook available; hardback late July


An informative rhyming Children’s Book. This adorable story takes place as a loving family of Bears wakes up from their winter hibernation to a world already dealing with a new virus. A lot like 2020’s Coronavirus. They have to quickly adapt to a world of quarantine and limits. An excellent way for families to explain to their little ones what is going on in today’s

world and help them stay safe, stay healthy and stay clean. It’s a short story of rhymes sure to bring joy to families all over the world. The bears go through what we all are going through during COVID-19, and come together to make the best out of the situation from home.

My Thoughts:

As a teacher, I know that going into this upcoming school year there is going to be a lot of discussion, questions, and experiences shared. This book would be perfect as a read aloud, especially for younger kiddos since there is a lot of fun rhyming. Even though not all of the rhyming is not perfect iambeic pantameter, the best part was reading the blurb that says, “The world is not perfect nor the rhymes in this either, so we’ve changed it all to Pandemic Pentameter.”

I adore the illustrations by Andrei Moldovan and Dako Tamas throughout this book. They pop with full of detail and truly add a lot to the story. Connections can be easily made as they see the towns animals wearing masks, standing socially distanced in the grocery line, no more toilet paper, and many other obstacles that we have faced so far in this pandemic.

Even though this book focuses on such a strange and unprecedented time, some big takeaways in this book are how to stay healthy and clean, ways to enjoy time with family, and how we can always learn something new. I am glad that this will be in audiobook format for kids too!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About the Authors

Jay Sutherland was born in Norton, Ma and currently lives with his wife and co-author Megan Sutherland of Des Moines, IA. They are married actors in California by the names of Jay Preston & Megan Hensley. While never setting out to write kid’s books, the boredom of Quarantine got the better of them. They share a love for puns, coffee, wine and adventure. They are both actors in

film and voiceover industry and the ability to record voiceover from home has been a blessing during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about them visit their “punny” website and their book website

So what do you say? Would this be a book that you would read to your child or to your students? Share with me below!

Xo, Sierra